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TWOS - By Your Side Download Gold

There is no doubt in any mind that the genre of electronic music has grown at an exponential rate over the two or three decades. With technological advancements and continuous evolutions in the music, electronic music has enjoyed some of the greatest transitions in the musical history.

Recently, there has been a booming trend of ethereal tracks, and as a fan of downtemp sounds, I am nothing but ecstatic.

By Your Side by TWOS has exactly the right amount of ethereal feelings. Much like the recent blooming young star of the electronic downtemp scene, XXYYXX, TWOS does an incredible job incorporating the haunting vocals with a slow cycle of beats, and with a hint of aloofness, By Your Side by TWOS is an incredibly well-produced track that showcases the talents in composing as well as mixing of the artist.

The music video also fits swimmingly with the track. The clips of a young mother and her baby suits the title of the track very appropriately, and it’s great to see that the musical artist and the visual artist both agreed upon such a simple yet haunting video as the final product. (Unless, TWOS produced the video as well, then even more Kudos to the artist!)

It’s always great to see young artists with different artistic visions than the general idea of success in the industry, and we are excited to see TWOs career blossom as he leads on with his own musical evolution.


(Source: jealousgold)